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  • Post-core training: working with resistance 2023-2024

    Dealing with highly entrenched, syntonic and/or malignant resistance can be extremely challenging and frustrating for therapists. Davanloo’s system, although highly effective, is incredibly difficult to master. No aspect of the model is more arduous to learn than the effective management of resistance, which rests on the therapist’s ability to maintain a positive alliance while relentlessly…

  • Psychedelic ISTDP Immersion

    In August 2023 we’re offering a psychedelic ISTDP retreat in the Netherlands. The Swedish therapist team at Nysnö will provide 4 days of psychedelic retreat, which is then immediately followed by 3 days of ISTDP supervision led by Thomas Hesslow and Ange Cooper. This will be the first of many training opportunities where ISTDP and…

  • Hej världen!

    Välkommen till WordPress. Detta är ditt första inlägg. Du kan redigera det eller ta bort det. Sedan är det bara att börja skriva!