ISTDP training is divided into three tiers: pre-core, core and post-core. The pre-core is the introductory training consisting of three days. The core training is the foundational training spanning three years. The post-core training is advanced training for clinicians who’ve been through pre-core and core training.

For training in Swedish, you can also check the website of the Swedish ISTDP institute or of the Swedish society for ISTDP for more information and updates.

For training in English, we will list future training opportunities here as soon as dates are set.


Pre-core september 2023. Malmö, Sweden. Teachers: Kristina and Nina. Info here. (In Swedish)


Fall 2023. Malmö, Sweden. Teachers: Hanna and Christina. (In Swedish)

Spring 2024. Budapest, Hungary. Teachers: Thomas and Glenn. (In English)


Advanced clinical training (2021-2023). Post-core program with Thomas Hesslow.

Advanced clinical training (2023-2024). Post-core program with Jonathan Entis and Thomas Hesslow.

Training for trainers (2022-2025). Post-core program with Jon Frederickson, Thomas Hesslow, Nina Klarin and Peter Lilliengren.

Training for trainers (2024-2027). Details not set.